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2021 Cannabis CFO Survey

Welcome to the first-ever Cannabis CFO Survey! We all know cannabis has tremendous potential, but those of us working hard in the field also know the obstacles in our path often seem insurmountable. We launched this project to pull back the curtain and share what the financial leaders in cannabis are currently doing, thinking, and planning as they shape the future of the industry.

2021 Cannabis CFO Survey

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Who participated in the Cannabis CFO Survey?

To effectively tap into the cannabis business zeitgeist, we reached out to a wide range of operators, investors, and ancillary service providers in every legal market throughout the United States.

As the responses rolled in, patterns and themes emerged across geographic, social, and economic divides. CEOs, CFOs, Founders and others were happy to share their triumphs and tribulations.

Responses from the cannabis community include:

The greatest strength of the cannabis industry is in our sense of community. There is power in knowing that others are facing, and overcoming, the same issues.

In the end, success for one is success for all as we share the common goal of normalizing cannabis and building a resilient and profitable industry. We hope the insights shared in this report provide some useful perspective.

Topics discussed in the 2021 Cannabis CFO Survey

The 2021 Cannabis CFO Survey got responses from cannabis financial leaders across four key areas:

  • Cannabis Business Environment & Performance
  • Impact and Recovery from COVID-19
  • Access to Capital
  • Political Policy Impact

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