Building A Diverse and Inclusive Culture

At the core of our business is a passion for doing good in the world. For giving back more than we take. One of the ways we accomplish this goal is through actively working to build a culture of diversity and inclusion.
Our unique business model allows us to operate an open hiring platform that is not dictated by race, gender, or even geographic location.

We seek smart, talented, and driven individuals. By providing a culture built on results, we work to encourage our team members to achieve by testing their boundaries, building knowledge, and being their most authentic selves. 

Our Values

Welcoming of All Backgrounds

The cannabis industry is built by fearless pioneers of all races, genders and backgrounds. It is essential that our clients understand that we are allies in the same fight and that we understand where they are from, and where they are going.

Diversity is the Source Of Innovation

We constantly work to develop innovative solutions to complex and evolving obstacles. The only way to accomplish this is by uniting diverse perspectives and insights into a common cause. Together we are greater than we are alone.

Open and Direct Communication

We give our team members the same 'straight talk' we give our clients. Only when everyone understands and shares the same goals can we work together to achieve them.

Team Cross-Pollination

Complex problems require multi-disciplinary answers. We expect all our team members to work collaboratively so we get diverse perspectives and areas of expertise focused on pioneering creative solutions. This approach also emboldens our team members to uncover new passions and career opportunities.

Open Recruiting

Our modern, digital work environment means anyone, anywhere can become an effective member of our team. By removing geographic obstacles we open our doors to diverse talent from around the globe. The best talent provides the best service.

Peace Before Profits

We never forget that the cannabis industry is the tip of the spear in the fight to end the vicious “War on Drugs” and provide a path to restitution for the communities unfairly targeted and incarcerated for activities that are perfectly legal today.
To do our part in giving back, we partner with social equity initiatives and provide free education and resources to community groups that share our vision.

We also work with many social equity operators and aspiring license holders. We offer a suite of services designed to help social equity applicants get their foot in the door of the cannabis industry.

If you would like help getting a social equity license please reach out to our team and we can help you get on the path to becoming a successful cannabis entrepreneur.