GreenGrowth's Goal

Here at GreenGrowth CPAs, our goal is to help individuals and companies in the cannabis industry identify and apply tax and business strategies to increase their cash flow while making sure they are in full compliance with all applicable states’ rules and regulations.

People First, Profits Second

Behind the veil of financial reports and documents are people that help businesses operate day in and day out. Our leaders understand that the team we have built is our greatest asset and the most prideful aspect of our organization. We never lose sight that we are here to help people first and build profits second.

Empathy & Understanding

As business owners and operators ourselves, we understand that our clients rely on us to guide them through their toughest financial & business challenges with confidence. We always choose to come from an angle of seeking to understand their needs before being understood, so that clients get what they want and not just what we think they need.


Competence & Continuous Learning

We are the best at what we do, hands down, and aim to prove it every day with the quality of our work product, educational content and the results of our clients. As this industry changes at lightning speed, we spend our time learning and testing new strategies that will be effective for clients to improve the financial health of their business

Simplicity & Clarity

As you know, the world of cannabis tax, finance and compliance is incredibly complicated, so we strive to make everything as simple as possible for our clients. It’s important to us that they focus on running their business and not worrying about forms, filings or other nuances that may cause chaos for their organization.

Trust & Integrity

We are honest, ethical and fair with our clients and partners because we understand that they are trusting us with the most critical aspects of their business. We seek win-win situations by aligning our incentives with those of our clients because when they succeed, so do we.

Our Team
Team Building
Rachel Allred

Rachal Allred

Accounting Manager

Rachal is Certified Public Accountant with 9 years of experience. She graduated from the University of Nevada, Reno and pursued a career helping the casino gaming and entertainment industry.

While working in finance in the casino industry she was tasked with managing staff, audits, and hundreds of thousands of dollars in cash all while working on special projects for growth including opening new locations.

Her passion is not only for the work but to help clients achieve their goals and make the best decisions for them based on sound financial information.

Jim Breese

Chief Marketing Officer

Jim Breese is a data-driven content marketer and is able to manage every aspect of marketing from idea to implementation.  Jim has experience rolling out multi-national campaigns as brand manager at Panda Restaurant Group and has helped many startups successfully implement marketing plans that grow awareness and increase their sales.


Lawrence Cagigal

SW Territory Sales Manager
After graduating from the University of Oklahoma, Lawrence spent 13 years in large markets in Texas advising and selling to brokers and clients in the financial services industry.  As a native Oklahoman, we are happy Lawrence has returned home for us to advise and implement our clients in the Southwest Region.  As a champion of the Constitution and states rights, he has followed the cannabis industry for many years and has seen the benefits to these forward-thinking states.  Lawrence is ecstatic to help local Oklahoma companies maintain compliance, both locally and nationally, which in turn will grow and further diversify the Oklahoma economy.

Derek Davis, CPA


Derek has been formally trained in tax accounting at PriceWaterhouseCoopers LLP (PwC) and Deloitte Tax LLP and has approximately a decade of professional taxation experience. Additionally, he is a Certified Public Accountant and has helped clients throughout the United States. Derek first became intrigued in the cannabis accounting and tax space in 2010 when cannabis was on the ballot for legalization in California.


Lara Docherty

Project Manager
Lara has a background in business ranging from corporate operations to storefront sales. She has experience leading and managing large teams within both settings. Lara has also worked as a business analyst where she interpreted sales trends and strategized product allocation for a global retailer. She is continuing her education in Accounting to pair with her degree in Business Management.
Lauren Donaldson

Lauren Donaldson

Compliance Officer

Lauren graduated from the University of Florida and continued on to Law School at New England Law Boston where she studied business and marijuana law.
With her travels around the world, she was able to observe the difference in laws and perceptions of cannabis which helped her develop an interest in understanding the nuances of State and Federal regulations.
Her passion for keeping cannabis companies compliant is what inspires Lauren to help add value to our clients and keep them confident in their business operations.


Marko Glisic, CPA

Audit Partner
Marko is a certified public accountant with 8 years of experience. He graduated from the University of California- Los Angeles in and went on to pursue a career at Deloitte & Touche LLP, working on audit, IPO readiness, and accounting projects with retail, food manufacturing, and agricultural clients, ranging from startups to multi billion dollar companies. He specializes in attestation, accounting, valuations, and finance.
Emily Heaslip

Emily Heaslip

Senior Copywriter
Emily is a freelance copywriter and content marketer who works with start-ups, Fortune 500 brands, nonprofits, and everything in between. She is currently working remotely while traveling the world.

Natalie Rasmussen, EA

Tax Senior Manager

Natalie is an Enrolled Agent with 21 years of experience in the tax accounting field. Her experience includes all areas of taxation, accounting, and planning. With an Enrolled Agent Certification, Natalie is a federally-authorized tax practitioner who has technical expertise in the field of taxation and is empowered by the U.S. Department of the Treasury to represent taxpayers before all administrative levels of the IRS for audits collections and appeals.


Francisco Robillard, EA

Tax Manager

Francisco is an Enrolled Agent with over 7 years of experience in all areas of taxation and business accounting management. Having graduated from the University of South Florida, he worked for PriceWaterhouseCoopers LLP for over 6 years. As an experience tax prepare, he executed and reviewed federal, and states income tax returns, in addition he provides IRS audit representation before IRS/State agencies to businesses and individuals. 


Erica Siaté

NW Territory Sales Manager
Erica Siaté has a sales background from Montana, but her career in nonprofit development had her in Cairo, Petra, NYC, and Philadelphia before returning home in 2013. She became a Montana medical marijuana patient in 2014 and staffed the Montana legislature in 2015. From 2015-2018, Erica was a budtender. She loved serving patients. Now she serves her industry by consulting and by selling the best cannabis financial services available with GreenGrowth CPAs. 

Jordan Sublette

Senior Tax Manager

Jordan Sublette is a CPA working primarily with entrepreneurs since 2013. He graduated from the Kelley School of Business at Indiana University. Jordan provides tax, assurance, and consulting services to his clients that can vary in terms of industry and size, though they are generally owner-operated and value a go-to advisor as part of their team.

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