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CA Counties & Cities Update Cannabis Regulations & Applications

It’s been another busy week in California. Several counties are either receiving applications or working on releasing applications. Other California cities are also working on amending local ordinance to permit commercial cannabis activities.

Santa Barbara County, CA

Santa Barbara County began soliciting Commercial Cannabis Permit Applications for Indoor Cultivation, Manufacturing, Distribution, Retail Delivery Only, and Testing on November 19, 2018. They will continue to accept applications until January 31, 2019. Applications should be submitted through the submission portal, where prospective applicants are required to register in order to access the application.

Applicants are instructed to use category code 45300 then search bid opportunities to access the application.

The County will be holding a Public Informational Meeting on December 5, 2018, 6 p.m., at the City Council Chambers located at 735 Anacapa St., Santa Barbara, CA 93101.

More information can be accessed on the County’s website.

San Luis Obispo County, CA

The County has put together a proposed Cannabis Fee Schedule and an Updated Cannabis Scoring Worksheet that will be reviewed and possibly approved on November 27, 2018.

Access more information on the County’s website.

San Benito County, CA

The County’s Planning Commission adopted the resolution recommending that the Board of Supervisors adopt four (4) items related to cannabis, including adopting an ordinance that would regulate cannabis business zoning and allow cultivation (indoor, mixed light, and nursery), manufacturing (volatile and non-volatile), testing, distribution, microbusiness (non-retail), and deliveries from out-of-county delivery services.

More information can be accessed on the County’s website.

Chula Vista, CA

The City Council will hold a City Council Meeting to introduce and conduct the first reading of an ordinance that would repeal the portion of the City’s municipal code that currently prohibits Commercial Cannabis Activities.

More information can be accessed on the City’s website.

Solana Beach, CA

Solana Beach’s City Council will hold a meeting on November 28, 2018 that will consider a Citizen’s Initiative Petition for a proposed ordinance that would allow medical and adult use cannabis retailers in non-residential areas and allow deliveries in all areas.

More information can be accessed on the City’s website.

Carpinteria, CA

The City Council will hold a meeting on November 26, 2018 to introduce and conduct the first reading of Ordinance No. 726 which establishes personal cultivation regulations and allow and regulate medical and adult use commercial cannabis activities including: non-storefront retail, distribution, manufacturing, and testing, subject to discretionary permit approval.

More information can be accessed on the City’s website.

Inyo County, CA

The County’s Planning Commission will consider adopting a resolution recommending to the Board of Supervisors the adoption of an ordinance that would allow Hemp Cultivation in several zones: Open Space, Light Industrial, General Industrial, and Extractive Zones. It will also permit Hemp Manufacturing in the Light Industrial, General Industrial and Extractive Zones.

More information can be accessed on the County’s website.

Los Angeles, CA

The Department of Cannabis Regulation (DCR) has released a Phase 1 Address Change Service Request and Intake Form, which should be used by eligible medical marijuana dispensary applicants to request to relocate to a new business address in the City. These forms will be accepted until November 30, 2018, at 4 p.m.

In order for DCR to process requests, applicants will need to submit the following:

  1. Current business address where Temporary Approval was granted;
  2. New Business Address requiring Temporary Approval is required; and
  3. Letter of Intent from Landlord (letter must be emailed to, within one (1) hour of submitting the form)

If the new business address is compliant with City zoning and sensitive use restrictions, DCR will issue a local authorization letter that will be used to apply for a Temporary State License. Upon receipt of a Temporary State License for the new business address, DCR will require operators to provide the following information before issuing a supplemental invoice that will be submitted to the Office of Finance prior to the issuance of Temporary Approval at the new business address. 

  1. Copy of State Temporary License for New Business Address;
  2. Statement of Information form from the Secretary of State showing the New Business Address;
  3. Copy of a Government Issued ID that matched the ID of the individual who received the original L050 BTRC;
  4. Current Lease Agreement; and
  5. Previous Lease Agreement or Letter of Termination from Landlord.

For more information, access the city’s website.

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