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California Cannabis Headlines from Maywood, Redwood City, and Eureka

Another week, another exciting round of California Cannabis updates. This week, we have news of a potential workshop from CalCannabis Cultivation licensing in addition to updates from the cities of Maywood, Redwood City, and Eureka.

  • The CalCannabis Cultivation Licensing (under the umbrella the California Department of Food and Agriculture – CDFA) is responsible for establishing state cannabis appellations. They are putting together a workshop to answer all your questions on appellations.
    • What’s an appellation? According to the CDFA, it’s a “certified designation or title that may signify standards, practices, and the varietal of cannabis grown in a certain geographical area.” An appellation of origin basically means the place where the cannabis product originated, and sometimes the additional detail of how the cannabis product was produced.
    • The CDFA is requesting interested parties take this survey so they can tailor the workshop to your questions and needs.
  • Maywood’s recent city council meeting resulted in a few approved items related to cannabis. These included an adoption of a general tax on commercial cannabis activity which will be on the November ballot.  It also included modifying regulations of dispensaries, cultivation, manufacturing, distribution and testing of cannabis in specific zones. We will keep you updated as Maywood releases more specific zoning ordinances for the above cannabis license types.  
  • Redwood City will hold a second reading to adopt an ordinance that will allow commercial cannabis delivery and nurseries in the Commercial Office zone within Redwood City.  In addition, the city will add a cannabis tax measure to the November ballot. Stay tuned for future updates on the zoning process.
  • Eureka hosted a public hearing last week to discuss proposed permanent regulations. This is always a good sign when the city is willing to listen to its people ensuring a positive feedback loop.

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