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Cannabis Business & Accounting Services

Our premier CPA firm provides expertise in a wide range of areas within the cannabis industry. We help clients from the initial startup phase all the way to current operators and investors. Our services range from a variety of different financial topics depending on what you are looking for. The most popular service that we offer is our recurring monthly CFO service. Basically, we take the pressure off hiring in house for your cannabis company’s CFO.

Outsourcing your CFO is one of the best ways to save time and money for your cannabis operation. Hiring fractional services can benefit your company in the long-run. Instead of putting time and money into hiring in-house, consider outsourcing high-level positions, like your CFO. The cost of hiring an in-house CFO for a cannabis company is approximated to be $578,054 annually between salary and benefits.

Hiring a fractional cannabis CFO is the most economic choice because recruitment and HR costs are immediately cut-out of the hiring process. Time is money, and if you hire a fractional CFO that saves you time, you are ultimately saving money at the end of the day. Think about it: you are essentially hiring a part-time CFO with full-time knowledge. This benefit is indispensable. Part-time CFOs have the ability to bring a new outlook on the operations of your day to day cannabis business. GreenGrowth brings a well-rounded, unbiased, outside perspective.

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CFO Services We Offer


Advice consultation about risk & compliance, finance & operations, capital markets, technology, business structuring, securing capital, debt or equity, crowdfunding, and various types of loans.


Expertise in regards to financials and administration. For financials, we help with reporting requirements, financial modeling, accounts payable & accounts receivable, payroll support, bookkeeping, and tax support. For administration, we assist with annual assurance services to help run your business more efficiently as well as reporting key performance indicators (KPIs).


Comprehension about compliance requirements to make sure your cannabis business is following regulation and is compliant throughout the business in regards to tax compliance, available deductions from 280-E mitigation, and rules regarding CBD businesses.


Solutions to solve the most complex accounting problems including business advisors to executives and board of directors​, financial statements and audit support​, business combinations, revenue recognition, evaluate features of equity and liability instruments, and stock based compensation.


Feedback loops for consistent optimization of your cannabis company including: financial statement close, internal controls & SOX compliance, and process reengineering.


Groundwork for cannabis companies to shine on the biggest financial stage in the world by helping with business advisors to executives & board of directors, filing a registration statement (S-1, F-1), completing pre-IPO periods’ financial information, and IPO readiness assessment and improvements.


We also handle additional services like financial modeling, accounts payable & accounts receivable, payroll support, and bookkeeping for your business. Having your bookkeeping in good standing aligns with our most important goal: to make sure your business is compliant with local and state regulations. We take the time to review any bookkeeping you previously used for your business line item by line item. This ensures that we don’t miss any details and can often be a long process if anything appears to be out of compliance. Organizing your books will put you ahead of your competitors when tax season rolls around.

GreenGrowth CPAs also helps with IPO services. We help private cannabis companies go public. This increases a candidate’s financial success because going public opens up many new investment opportunities that are not present in the private sector. There is a lot of money out there for private companies looking to go public, we recommend meeting with us to see if this is the next best step for your cannabis operation!
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With our team of CPAs and financial experts that specialize in the cannabis industry, GreenGrowth CPAs is here to ensure that your business is set up for success. We create feedback loops for consistent optimization and compliance for your cannabis company. Maintaining a consistent and organized financial record for your business is critical for your monetary success. GreenGrowth CPAs ensures that your cannabis operation is compliant with SEC guidelines, SOX and COSO 2013 requirements. There are many nuances and tax codes–like 280E– that are difficult to understand because cannabis is still a Schedule-1 controlled substance and not recognized as legal by the United States Federal Government. GreenGrowth helps you navigate these tax codes and regulations by using our industry knowledge and keeping a close eye on tax code changes. Our CPAs continue their education every year to stay up to date with changes in the government tax codes.