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Cannabis CPA [Client Spotlight] – Fire Leaf | Oklahoma Cannabis Business

As a cannabis CPA firm, we have the opportunity to work with cannabis businesses all over the country. From cannabis taxes to cannabis financial strategy, we help them stay confident and compliant.

My name is Paul i’m with fire leaf and i’m one of the owners the plan was always started more by cassie and tyler who i’m sure you’ll be talking to soon they went to different stores to figure out what they liked what the comfortable feel was they’re highly concentrating on trying to train the bud tenders to try to make this as educational as possible because it is a medical business it’s not a recreational it’s not for fun it’s designed for medical and so to educate them to truly try to help people without them being medical doctors as much as they can and then the other thing is to try to carry as much inventory as possible so that way people can come and have a wide variety rather than just a limited aspect which creates its own challenges of having giant inventory because fire leaf wants to have as much inventory if not more than other people

My name is tyler doolittle and we are at fire leaf this is our grow facility we’re in the stockyards of oklahoma city when we first started it was uh not not plans of being as big as we we are currently we jumped into it wanted to have a few dispensaries when we did that we realized that there was a bigger opportunity so at that time we started just growing as fast as we could and it’s turned into something pretty special my name is cassie doolittle i’m one of the owners and i focus on the store dispensary side

We have a kitchen and a lab that we have our in-house brands in we have outlaw edibles is our kitchen brand and we have gummies we have some happy sap we just launched some cookies this week which we’re excited about and some different things there and then we also have our lab where we have cartridges we have concentrates pre-rolls infused pre-rolls and it’s really helped grow our business to be able to have those in-house brands and then also we have our grow where we can do flour that we cultivate ourself and provide for ourselves green growth cpas has done a great job and one keeping us up to date with all of the tax changes and it’s a constantly changing world and the other thing they’ve helped us with is actually saving us a lot of money in taxes which allows us to put more money back into our business and that’s helped us grow to eight stores where we are right now bringing them in it’s allowed us to focus more on working doing our business and letting them do what they do best and teaming up allowing us to trust them and move forward with our company

The thing is if you get into cannabis you just have to be willing to adjust and adapt as things change because laws are consistently changing your patient base is consistently changing especially in a medical market it’s growing it’s not just your population it’s people getting medical card so i just think you have to go in with an open mind and have that ability to adapt if you think you’re going to get into this business for get rich quick scheme that has passed probably back in the 70s that world is gone if you truly want to help people and you’re passionate about this industry feel free to join it almost everybody else has it’s a very crowded industry but if you do the right thing for people and more importantly if you have a quality team all the way from green grove cpas to the legal staff to the insurance staff you need a quality team it’s not always cheap but it is so much more effective in the long run so if you really want to help people and stay in this business you need to set it up the right way you need to follow through obey everything you can and let success just take care of itself.