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Tax Refunds

In case you missed our livestream, check out our January 2022 episode of Ask A Cannabis, where we share the three main reasons operators can expect LOWER tax refunds this year. We also deep dive with our resident tax experts, Jessica Thompson and Natalie Rasmussen, into a broad broad array of topics covering everything cannabis tax related.

January 2022

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Data Privacy four our Tax team

Data Privacy for our CFO Team

Tax Refunds and Everything Taxes!

Paused Student Loan Interest Payments

High Mutual Fund Payouts

Any Changes to Tax Rates or Brackets?

Tax Processing Will Take A LOT Longer, Get Started Early!

Filing Earlier DOES NOT Mean Paying Taxes Earlier

Tips for First Time Tax Filers (NEW Businesses)

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What Info Do You Need to Submit to Get the Best Tax Return?

Successfully Making the Switch From Your Old CPA to GreenGrowth CPAs

Missing Your Form 8300’s?

Bonus Depreciation Update

1099’s & W2’s – GET THEM DONE ASAP!

Don’t Pay Anyone Until You Have This Form Filled Out

Do Personal Debts Affect the Business Standing?

What Happens Tax-Wise When You Give Away Free Product?

M&A – Does Every Entity Need to File a Tax Return?

The Final Tax Return – When Should You File It?

Are You An MSO?

Do You Have Foreign Investors?

The IRS Using Facial Recognition for Online Filings

Questions about your tax refund?

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