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Cannabis Licensing Update – June 24

This week’s cannabis updates in California are from Los Angeles and Riverside County. 

Los Angeles, California

Los Angeles’ City Council voted to remove the “undue concentration” policy from the city’s cannabis regulations. Undue concentration refers to a rule that another cannabis dispensary can’t be within 700 feet of an existing dispensary. Los Angeles voted to remove undue concentration this week, meaning now dispensaries can put their premises next to each other. This is great news for anyone seeking real estate for their retail cannabis business. 

Specifically, “if an applicant would have been among the 100 Tier 1 and Tier 2 applicants eligible for further processing in Round 1 of Phase 3 of Type 10 retail licensing except that its business premises is located in an area of undue concentration, the applicant shall be eligible for further processing.” For more, speak to one of our experts to see how this might impact your cannabis business. 

Riverside County, California

Riverside County reiterated in a recent county planning department meeting that it is currently prohibited to cultivate industrial hemp in the county. For more information on California’s industrial hemp market, check out our two-part guide to growing industrial hemp. 

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