Account Executive (Buenos Aires, Argentina)

Position Summary

We are seeking account executives to join our growing company’s sales team. In this role, you are responsible for developing and executing sales strategies that drive revenue for the company, monitoring and reporting on sales goals, and adjusting tactics as needed to reach them. The Junior Account Executive will work closely with other executives to drive strategic direction and resource allocation for the company.

A successful candidate will drive the company’s achievement of customer acquisition and continued success in revenue goals. This position will share responsibilities in both the tactical and strategic leadership of the sales organization, working cross-functionally to plan, execute, and produce results for our sales team.

The Junior Account Executive, a salary base and commission role, is responsible for converting inbound leads to sales as well as developing new leads. This role will require skills pertaining to building relationships, opening new markets, and researching and developing new lists for potential contacts. This is a remote position, and our sales team is focused on video and phone sales. They should be able to quickly build a rapport with potential clients, have a strong understanding of our business to convey our products, track and follow-up with potential clients, and convert new business. Finally, the Junior Account executive would be part of the final hand-off of clients to the appropriate tax and/or accounting teams. All of these tasks will require an organized, highly detailed individual to be successful in this role.


  • Establish and maintain strong working relationship with the sales team as well as key clients and assist in developing creative marketing strategies for expanding the customer base.
  • Develop a strong understanding of our business, products, and services to convert leads to new sales via phone.
  • Using HubSpot, respond to all inbound sales leads and convert to new clients.
  • Track all leads, categorize them for follow-up, and prepare new clients for conversion to the service lines.
  • Research new companies, lists, and vendors to open new markets by building relationships, cold calling, and lead generation.
  • Meet minimum monthly sales quotas and conversion rates.
  • Participate in regular meetings with leadership and marketing to provide sales feedback, receive market and industry updates, and gain insight on new products


  • Proven track record of sales metrics and meeting sales numbers at least two years in a row.
  • Progressive movement in sales resulting in sales leadership experience.
  • Experience training salespeople and/or building a sales team.
  • Recent management experience, having successfully built, hired and led a geographically diverse team of early career and experienced professionals.
  • Recent experience operating in an early stage company, with a demonstrated ability to wear multiple hats, respond to evolving demands and react to a constantly changing marketplace.
  • Experience selling financial products or background in finance or accounting is desired.

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