Senior Account Executive

Position Summary

The Account Executive is a commission-based role (with a three month base salary during training and onboarding) responsible for converting inbound leads to sales as well as developing new leads with strategic outbound campaigns. This role should work to build relationships to drive new business, strategically open new cannabis markets, and research and develop new lists for potential contacts. This is a remote position and focused on phone sales. They should be able to quickly build a rapport with potential clients, have a strong understanding of our business to convey our products, track and follow-up with potential clients, and convert new business. Finally, the Account Executive would be part of the final hand-off of clients to the appropriate tax and/or accounting teams.


  • Develop a strong understanding of our business, products, and services to convert leads to new sales via phone.
  • Using HubSpot, respond to all inbound sales leads and convert to new clients.
  • Track all leads, categorize them for follow-up, and prepare new clients for conversion to the service lines.
  • Research new companies, lists, and vendors to open new markets by building relationships, cold calling, and lead generation.
  • Meet minimum monthly sales quotas and conversion rates.
  • Participate in regular meetings with leadership and marketing to provide sales feedback, receive market and industry updates, and gain insight on new products.


  • Proven track record of sales metrics and meeting sales numbers at least 2 years in a row.
  • 2+ years of phone sales experience.
  • 4+ years of sales experience a plus.
  • Experience selling financial products or background in finance or accounting a plus.
  • Experience training sales people and/or building a sales team a plus.

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