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Feb 11th Weekly Round-Up: Commercial Cannabis Updates from California

This week we see Bellflower entertaining the possibility of increasing the number of permitted Medical Cannabis Businesses, Santa Paula overturning its cannabis ban, and two more CA cities setting its cannabis tax rates and framework. CalCannabis has also released official guidance regarding the changes in Cannabis Cultivation Regulations.

 Bellflower, CA

 The City is considering passing a resolution to process additional Medical Cannabis Business Permits (MCBP). To this end, the Council will have a Public Hearing today, from 7-10 p.m., at Bellflower’s City Hall at 16600 Civic Center Drive, Bellflower, CA 90706.

More information can be accessed on the City’s website.


Santa Paula, CA

The City Council will be holding a Community Meeting on March 6, 2019, to hear more of its resident’s opinions on permitting commercial cannabis in the City. The Council is inclined to overturn its current moratorium on commercial cannabis activities.

More information can be accessed on the City’s website.


Solvang, CA

The City is currently accepting Medical Cannabis Dispensary Applications. The submission window will close on February 22, 2019, at 5 p.m. Application requirements are as follows: 

  1. Completed Medical Cannabis Permit Application Form
  2. City Indemnification Form
  3. Owner/Operator/Employee Background Form
  4. Submittal Checklist Requirements
  5. Application and Processing Fee: $5,240

More information and the application form and requirements can be accessed on the City’s website.


Palm Springs, CA

The City has released a new Gross Tax Remittance form for cannabis businesses operating without a valid City-Issued permit. These forms took effect February 1, 2019. Old forms will no longer be accepted when remitting and filing taxes.

The new forms can be accessed on the City’s website.


Adelanto, CA

Adelanto recently held a Commercial Cannabis Business Tax Workshop that set commercial cannabis tax rates in the City. The rates are as follows: 

  1. Cultivation and Nursery (Medical and Recreational):
    1. $0.42/SF/YR
    2. Capped at $5/SF/YR
  2. Distribution
    1. Medical: 0.5% of Gross Receipts
    2. Recreational: 1.5% of Gross Receipts
  3. Retail
    1. Flower- Medical: 0.5% of Gross Receipts, Recreational: 1.5% of Gross Receipts
    2. Concentrate- Medical: 1% of Gross Receipts, Recreational: 2.5% of Gross Receipts
  4. Manufacturing (Medical and Recreational): 2%
  5. Testing: 1%
  6. Temporary Events (Sales)
    1. Flower- Medical: 2.5%. Recreational: 3%
    2. Concentrate- Medical: 3.5%, Recreational: 4%



CalCannabis Official Guidance

CalCannabis has released official guidance regarding the changes in Cannabis Cultivation Regulations that specifically outlines the changes that have been made to previous regulations.

Official guidance can be accessed on CalCannabis’ website.


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