Entertainment & Venues

We understand the complexities of the entertainment industry and will help grow your profitability and financial security.

The entertainment industry has a unique set of requirements and complexities when it comes to accounting and taxes. That’s why it’s critical that you align yourself with accomplished experts and advisors who can guide you through the evolving industry challenges. 

We understand the unique tax complexities impacting the entertainment industry and will help you avoid potentially significant pitfalls while maximizing your tax strategy. You deserve to have peace of mind, knowing you’re armed with accurate information to make wise decisions for yourself and your company. 

Our Team’s professionals bring extensive experience to help a variety of industry talent, including:

  • Venues
  • Actors
  • Writers & Directors
  • Production Companies
  • Distribution Companies
  • Industry Technicians
  • Musicians
  • Record labels
  • Publishers
  • Agents & Talent Scouts
  • Video Game Companies
  • and more