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Los Angeles, Culver City, and California Bureau of Cannabis Control

Welcome to the first week of July! Today we have some news from Los Angeles and Culver City, as well as a quick update from the California Bureau of Cannabis Control.

Here are the two ordinances with a few updates about the city of Los Angeles.

  1. The city amended various sections of Article 4, Chapter X – which is ordinance 185629 and 185344 to further regulate commercial cannabis activities in Los Angeles.
  2. The updates contain several changes such as, but not limited to:
      1. Within ten days of determining an application is complete, the DCR (Department of Cannabis Regulation) will provide a mailed notice of the application to the owner of the Business Premises.
      2. All Applicants must pass pre-licensing inspection before a temporary approval or license may be issued.
      3. After the DCR determines an application is complete but before pre-licensing inspection, the DCR shall conduct a community meeting where the business premises are located.

Be sure to read the full ordinances for all relevant updates.

  • Culver City is considering altering the number of cannabis business permits allowed within the city. A meeting will take place on Monday, July 9, 2018, at 7:00 p.m. at the Mike Balkman Council Chambers, City Hall, 9770 Culver Boulevard, Culver City, CA.  At the meeting, the following changes will be proposed:
    • Storefront retail (dispensary) would not change.  The maximum of three permits would stay the same.
    • Reducing the maximum number of Indoor Commercial Cultivation permits from three to one.
    • Increase the maximum number of manufacturing permits from six to seven.
    • Increase the maximum number of wholesale distribution permits from six permits to seven.

Once the meeting happens next week and further updates are available, we will be sure to post the relevant information. In March, we wrote a full write up about Culver City’s process which you can read here. Although their application window is currently closed, the article still has relevant information that may be valuable should the city issue a few more permits.

  • The California Bureau of Cannabis Control recently updated its transition period fact sheet. Click through for the latest version.

If you have further questions about these topics or would like clarification on a pressing cannabis business dilemma of your own, contact Green Growth CPA to discuss how we can help!