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More California Cities to Permit Commercial Cannabis Activities

Since the November 6, 2018 General Election, several California Cities are considering adopting resolutions that will announce the result and implement Cannabis Business Taxes. This can only mean that more California cities will soon be permitting commercial cannabis activities.


California Cities Adopting Cannabis Business Tax Measures


Adelanto: Measure S

Moreno Valley: Measure M

Banning: Measure N and O

Solvang: Measure F2018

La Mesa: Measure V

Perris: Measure G

Palm Desert: Measure Q

Hemet: Measure Y and Z


Banning, CA


Aside from considering announcing the result of the November 6 elections relating to Cannabis Business Tax Measures N and O, the City Council will also be introducing and conducting the first reading of the following ordinances related to commercial cannabis activities within the City:

Ordinance No. 1539: Will eliminate the separation requirement between retailers and will clarify eligibility requirements for obtaining cannabis retailer Conditional Use Permits.

Ordinance No. 1538: Will establish procedures for the issuance of cannabis retailer regulatory permits.

Resolution No. 2018-153: Adoption of a selection process and schedule for granting cannabis retailer permits.

More information can be accessed on the City’s website.


Lancaster, CA


The City Council is adopting Ordinance No. 1053 to align current city regulations with state regulations, specifically where it concerns minimizing negative impacts of commercial cannabis activity.

More information can be accessed on the City’s website.

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