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News from Union City, Desert Hot Springs, Commerce City, and more!

This week brings more California cannabis news from the cities of Union City, Desert Hot Springs, Commerce City and Grover City.  In addition, we have updates from last week’s newsletter about the City Council meetings in Arroyo Grande and American Canyon.

  • BIG NEWS! Union City has re-opened commercial cannabis applications.  The city began accepting applications on August 16, 2018 and will do so through December 7, 2018.  Union City is issuing:
    • Up to 3 testing permits,
    • 2 permits for cultivation,
    • 2 permits for manufacturing,
    • 1 permit for retail and
    • 2 permits for distribution.

The city is giving preference to vertically integrated applications that have two or more uses in one location. Expect a full write up on Union City’s application process on the Green Growth CPA blog within the next 72 hours.  If you would like more information about applying to Union City, an information session will be held on Wednesday, September 19 at 1:30pm in the City Council Chambers.

  • Desert Hot Springs will have a first reading about expanding zoning districts for cannabis testing facilities.  The suggested zoning districts would allow testing facilities in all commercial cannabis zones. For more background on cannabis zoning regulations, check out our recent guide. We will continue to update you in our weekly newsletter as this ordinance potentially moves forward to a second reading.
  • Commerce City is repealing the medical marijuana portion of the municipal code and replacing it with a commercial cannabis section.  The city will have a first reading about this change while also providing an update to the topics covered at the July 17, 2018 city council meeting.  
  • Grover City is considering adopting a new resolution that will amend current manufacturing safety requirements.  The new fire and safety requirements would allow for volatile manufacturing and include further regulation regarding the storage of gas cylinders, bulk storage, and signage. We will update you as Grover City chooses whether or not to adopt this new resolution.

Results from week’s city council meetings

  • Arroyo Grande had their second reading and adopted an ordinance that would remove local permit requirements for cannabis delivery services, but still noted that deliveries require state permitting and must originate from outside of Arroyo Grande. The city manager was authorized to send a letter to the Bureau of Cannabis Control opposing new cannabis regulations for delivery.  We will continue to update you as the situation progresses.
  • American Canyon’s Commission recommended the ordinance to the council that was noted in last week’s newsletter. This ordinance consisted of:
    • A new Chapter 5.10 Commercial Cannabis License
    • Repealing Chapter 19.51 Medical Marijuana
    • Amending Commercial, Industrial and Residential Use Classifications
    • Permitting indoor cannabis cultivation in residential zones
    • Permitting indoor cultivation, manufacturing, testing, microbusiness, and distribution in general industrial zones

As this ordinance continues to move forward, we will update you here and in our weekly newsletters.

If you have questions about licensing or cannabis permitting in the cities discussed today or would like to learn more about the licensing process within a different California City, contact GreenGrowth CPAs.