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Part 2: Los Angeles Cannabis Zoning

Los Angeles, California recently released a series of additional regulations to reduce any negative impact or confusion regarding the cannabis industry.

Missed Part One in our Los Angeles series? We covered the licenses, rules, and regulations. Today we will review the Los Angeles planning ordinances. Cities often regulate where cannabis activity can be conducted, and Los Angeles is no exception. Here’s what you need to know.

Cannabis Retailers in LA: Type 10 (Retailer) or Type 9 (Non-Storefront Retailer)

Retail cannabis activity can be conducted within ten specific zones located on pages 4-5 at the link. There are also specifics about how close a business can be to other retailers, microbusinesses, schools, alcohol/drug recovery centers, public parks, and libraries.  In most cases, Type 10 licensees must be at least 700 feet away. There are some exceptions with Type 9 licenses (non-storefront), all of which is listed on page 5 of this document.

Cannabis Microbusinesses in LA: Type 12 (Microbusiness)

Microbusiness commercial cannabis activity can be conducted within four specific zones. There are also rules about how close your business can be schools, public parks, and treatment facilities so pay special attention to the details on page 6 of this document.

Cannabis Indoor Commercial Cannabis Cultivation in LA: Type 1A (Cultivation, Specialty, Indoor), 1C (Cultivation, Specialty Cottage, Small), 2A (Cultivation, Indoor, Small), 3A (Cultivation, Indoor, Medium), 4 (Cultivation, Nursery) and 5 (Cultivation, Indoor, Large)

Indoor cultivation is allowed within the 4 zones detailed on page 7 of this document. Note that indoor activity must also be at least 600 feet away from any schools.

Cannabis Manufacturing in LA

  • Level 1 Manufacturing Activity (Type 6, Type N or Type P): allowed within the 4 zones starting on page 7 of this document and must be at least 600 feet away from any schools
  • Level 2 Manufacturing Activity (Type 7, Manufacturer 2): Level 2 manufacturing is allowed within the three zones outlined beginning on page 8. Manufacturing activity must be outside of a 600 feet radius of schools and 200 feet from any residential area.

Testing Commercial Cannabis Activity in LA: Type 8 (Testing)

Testing is allowed within the seven zones beginning on page 8 of this document. Activity must be conducted at least 600 feet from any school.

Cannabis Commercial Distributors in LA: Type 11 (Distributor)

Distribution is allowed within the four zones outlined on page 9 of this document. Activity must be conducted at least 600 feet from any school.

Details about LA’s Cannabis Zoning Rules

How do you define distance as stated in this document? Distance is defined as the horizontal distance measured in a straight line, from the closest exterior wall of the business.  Consider the closet point of property from any school, public park, recovery center or day care center.

Are there exceptions for grandfathered medical marijuana dispensaries? There are specific provisions given to grandfathered and existing marijuana dispensaries. Read this document starting on page 11 for all you need to know about grandfathered existing marijuana dispensaries.

Remember – it’s unlawful to conduct any cannabis activity without being properly licensed! California isn’t messing around.

There are a lot of details involved in making sure you obtain a business within the proper zone.  Need help clarifying the details? Contact Green Growth CPA today. We’ve helped dozens of cannabis businesses obtain licenses within their desired city and zone.