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Planning to Sell Your Firm?

We pay top dollar for your firm.

We’ve been solving problems, uncovering value, and improving the financial lives of our clients since 2014.

Now as a leader firm in audit, tax, accounting, and advisory services, GreenGrowth CPAs is growing. We want your company to join our team.

Why Sell to GreenGrowth CPAs?

It’s only natural to question the implications it might have on your staff, your clients, and the legacy you’ve worked so hard to build.

But what if we could flip the script on these apprehensions? What if, in reality, this wasn’t about dissolving your legacy, but expanding it?

GreenGrowth CPAs is not just about growing our own firm, but also about fostering a culture of growth and development for those we partner with. Through our acquisition, not only will your firm have the opportunity to tap into our vast resources and portfolio, but your team will also be exposed to unparalleled growth trajectories.

Moreover, we deeply respect and value the relationships you’ve nurtured with your clients over the years, and our aim is to enhance these associations further by offering extensive support and advanced solutions.

Our company is guided by a series of values that prioritize people over profits, recognizing the importance of our team and clients.

Our approach is rooted in empathy, listening to clients’ needs, and providing support. We strive for excellence, continuous learning, trust, and integrity, delivering high-quality work and fostering mutually beneficial outcomes.

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