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Cannabis Tax Compliance Support to Reduce Your Tax Bill

Many cannabis operators have personally invested their own finances in building their operations. As a result, their cannabis tax compliance needs are inextricably entwined with the cannabis tax obligations.

Reduce Your Personal Tax Exposure

We help cannabis operators protect their personal finances, appropriately structure investments, and minimize tax burden through proper allocations, credits, and more.

Bring Home More Hard-Earned Money

No matter how simple or complicated your personal tax returns are, the cannabis tax experts at GreenGrowth CPAs can help minimize exposure and maximize cannabis tax compliance so you enjoy the benefits of your hard work.

Our standard preparation and filing services dig deep to maximize deductions, minimize exposure, and deliver maximal tax savings to you and your family.
Even the best year can end badly when you’re hit with an unexpected tax bill. Get ahead of the game with tax planning support that provides estimates and projections.
If you’ve boot-strapped your cannabis operation from day one, you know how complicated financials can get. Let us review your entity structure and prepare an optimal path forward.
Under IRC 1031, it is possible to make tax-free exchanges of tangible property and avoid capital gains taxes.

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