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Six Strategies to Endure A Cannabis Market Downturn


Plunging wholesale prices, flower oversupply, and plateaued consumer demand is creating a cannabis market downturn for many cannabis operators. In this video, we lay out six survival strategies to help operators endure lean times and improve financial and operational strength.

Cannabis market downturn strategies include:

  • How to lower operating costs
  • Considerations for diversifying operations
  • How to tax plan proactively
  • Moving old product
  • And much more!

Put survival strategies to work for your cannabis operation

The team of cannabis tax and financial experts at GreenGrowth CPAs can help your cannabis business endure a market downturn. Whether you need advanced tax planning and support to navigate 280E, financial support, or you’re looking to raise funds or sell off parts of your business, our tax planning and financial and operational support can make the difference.

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