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California Cannabis Licensing Update - August 26

Weekly Licensing Update – August 26

This week’s cannabis updates from the state of California come from Los Angeles, Hesperia, Sacramento, and Oceanside. Plus, an important update in regards to starting

Cannabis Licensing Update - California

Cannabis Licensing Update – July 15

This summer’s California cannabis updates continue with news from Coachella, La Mesa, and Los Angeles. Here’s what you need to know to start your week

Weekly California Cannabis License Update 6/10

Weekly Cannabis License Update 6/10

This week’s California cannabis business updates come in from Los Angeles, Pasadena, Redding, Barstow, and Riverside. Here’s what cannabis operators in California need to know

California Weekly Licensing Update - April 29

Weekly Licensing Update – April 29

Cannabis Business Co-Working Space in Downtown Los Angeles If you are interested in getting into the co-working space in Downtown Los Angeles, then please click

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