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Tax Benefits of an Employee Handbook & Job Descriptions

Employee handbooks and job descriptions are critical documents for every cannabis business.  There are the typical HR benefits, but did you know that there are tax benefits for cannabis businesses as well?

With 280E, deductions and credits are nearly impossible to come by for cannabis businesses except with CoGS.  And one question we get consistently is “how do you allocate an employee’s time into CoGS?”.  

In this episode, we will walk you through:

  • What is an employee handbook and Job Description
  • Benefit 1: Allocated Employee Wages into CoGS
  • Benefit 2: Gross Negligence “Protection”
  • Benefit 3: Compliance: Employee/Employer Relationship

If you need help with developing an employee handbook or writing detailed job descriptions, then please reach out to us at or call 800-674-9050.