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This Week’s Cannabis Updates from Around California

Today’s cannabis updates from the state of California come from Pomona, Morro Bay, Colton, and more. 

Pomona, CA

Pomona’s city council made a small step toward permitting commercial cannabis business activities.  The council proposed allowing the Planning Commission to hear a draft ordinance allowing certain commercial cannabis businesses in specified zones. The council also directed that the Commission conduct a public hearing and make recommendations regarding the amendments.

Staff was asked to present the Planning Commission’s recommendations on amendments to the Zoning Code to address Commercial Cannabis Uses, in the form of an ordinance, to the City Council at a duly noticed public hearing. The council will begin to consider establishing the maximum number and types of commercial cannabis businesses to be allowed in specified zones.

Morro Bay, CA

At a City Council meeting in Morro Bay, California, the City Subcommittee was asked to to consider the following commercial cannabis tax rates: 
  • Commercial cannabis operations tax: 5% of gross proceeds,
  • Penalty rate for late payment of taxes: 25%
  • Interest rate for late payment of taxes: 10% and affirm monthly on principle of unpaid tax.
The resolution will be considered by the City Council at a later date (these rates are not yet set in stone). 

Colton, CA

Colton’s City Council discussed allowing the following cannabis operations to conduct business within their city limits: manufacturing (non-volatile only), distribution, and nurseries (indoor only). Personal outdoor cultivation would not be permitted. Dispensaries were not discussed.

The City Council also directed staff to remove the cap on Commercial Marijuana Operator Permits (cultivation permits), to expand the Marijuana Cultivation Candidate Sites (MCCS) Overlay zone to include the Jefferson Lane and the Key Street areas, and to rename the MCCS to Marijuana Candidate Sites (MCS) to allow for uses other than cultivation. 

San Bernardino, CA

The City Council voted to adopt a resolution regarding temporary cannabis special event permits in accordance with Chapter 5.10 of the San Bernardino Municipal Code. You can read the full resolution here

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