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Weekly Licensing Update – April 29


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News this week from California: Alameda opens an application window for prospective cannabis dispensaries, Adelanto lowers their tax rates, and Bishop provides guidelines on cannabis delivery.

Alameda, California

The city of Alameda has opened an application window for retail dispensary cannabis businesses. Interested applicants may submit a proposal before 4PM on May 13, 2019. If you are interested in opening a cannabis dispensary in Alameda, the first step is to write a Letter of Intent (LOI) and pay an application fee ($900) by May 13. If your LOI meets the minimum requirements of the city, then you will be invited to submit a full proposal. There are three available dispensary permits to be awarded during this window.

For more details on the dispensary application process in Alameda, please read our guide here.

Adelanto, California

The city council is proposing to adjust cannabis tax rates in Adelanto to the following rates:

Cannabis Business Activity Monthly Tax Rate
Cultivation $0.415 per square foot
Retail 3% of gross receipts
Special Events 3% of gross receipts
Manufacturing 1% of gross receipts
Testing 1% of gross receipts
Distribution 1% of gross receipts

These are lower tax rates than the city originally passed in 2018. The city is seeking to maximize their financial profit will unburdening the cannabis industry and fostering growth in sales.

Bishop, California

The city of Bishop has passed an ordinance which allows licensed cannabis dispensaries based outside the jurisdiction of Bishop to deliver cannabis and cannabis products within city limits.

In order to make cannabis deliveries to Bishop, operators must obtain a Bishop business license, as well as comply with Bishop business regulations. In addition, cannabis operators may not accept payment for cannabis delivery at the time the delivery is made. If you are a cannabis operator looking to do business in Bishop, you must be able to accept online payments or use a separate payment method to make cannabis delivery in the city. The reasoning behind this second stipulation is the city wants to protect delivery personnel from theft.

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