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Weekly Update in California Cannabis: Bureau of Cannabis Control

Updates coming from California’s commercial cannabis industry are in and they are big.

This week, the Bureau of Cannabis Control released its list of approved annual licenses for commercial cannabis businesses. Also, San Luis Obispo County has begun its weights and measurements inspections for three cannabis businesses. More up-to-date news is also out for Pasadena, Carpinteria, and Santa Barbara County.

Bureau of Cannabis Control: Issuance of State Annual Licenses

The Bureau of Cannabis Control has just released its list of commercial cannabis businesses that will receive their state-issued cannabis business license upon fee payment. 12 commercial cannabis businesses, that consist of retail, distribution and event organization were approved for state licenses.

Retail commercial cannabis businesses from Boulder Creek, Cathedral City, San Francisco, Sacramento, Palm Springs, Vallejo, Port Hueneme, and San Andreas will be receiving their licenses upon paying the state licensing fees.

There are currently 14,000 registered cannabis business operators registered with the state and almost 4,000 applications have been submitted. At present, 1200 temporary licenses have been issued.

For more information about registering or checking on a commercial cannabis business, visit the Bureau’s Website.

San Luis Obispo County: Weights and Measures Inspection

San Luis Obispo County’s Agriculture/Weights and Measures department has begun its weights and measures inspection for commercial cannabis business. Currently, the county has completed inspections for two (2) cultivation sites and will begin inspecting one (1) manufacturing site in Grover Beach.

The County’s inspection process will include the following:

  • Verification of installment of weights and measures equipment
  • Testing for the accuracy of the equipment
  • The operation’s conformance with California Regulations

More information can be accessed on the County’s Website.

Pasadena, CA: Commercial Cannabis Application Workshop

Pasadena will be holding a Commercial Cannabis Application Workshop on November 13, 2018, Tuesday, from 4-6 p.m., at the Pasadena Convention Center, Ballrooms F and G, on 300 E. Green St., Pasadena, CA 91101.

The City will be issuing six (6) retailer permits, four (4) cultivation permits, and four (4) testing permits.

Applications will be available on the City’s website at some time after the Workshop. The application submission period is expected to occur from January 1, 2019 until January 31, 2019.

Carpinteria, CA: Recommendation to Adopt a Commercial Cannabis Ordinance

Carpinteria’s Planning Commission is recommending that the City Council adopt an ordinance that will permit and regulate medical and adult use commercial cannabis businesses to operate within the City. Commercial Cannabis businesses to be permitted are: non-storefront retail sales, distribution, manufacturing (volatile and non-volatile), and testing, to be conducted in the City’s industrial and Research Park zones.

More information can be accessed on the City’s website.

Santa Barbara County: Zoning amendment recommendations

The County’s Planning Commission is considering recommending the adoption of an ordinance amending the current commercial cannabis zoning regulations that will permit hoop and shade structures to the Board of Supervisors. The Commission is also certifying the associated Program Environmental Impact Report.

More information can be accessed on the County’s website.

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