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Cannabis Tax & Accounting Services

Founded in 2014, GreenGrowth CPAs has established itself as a trusted partner for cannabis businesses across the United States and Canada. Our team of highly skilled professionals combines expert knowledge of the cannabis industry with extensive experience in tax and accounting, ensuring that our clients receive the highest level of service and support.

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Our steadfast dedication to helping clients in every segment of the cannabis industry  – from seed to sale – manage highly complex tax and accounting issues has made GreenGrowth CPAs the premier independent accounting and advisory firm for cannabis businesses across the United States and Canada.

However, we are more than just an accounting firm. We are your advisors, partners, and navigators on your business journey. Our expertise extends beyond accounting, delving deeply into a comprehensive understanding of various business models and the intricate regulatory landscapes that come along with them. We use this knowledge to help you grow your business, offering strategic and personalized solutions.

Here at GreenGrowth CPAs, we’re not just a team of accounting professionals. We are your trusted advisors, enabling you to navigate all areas of the cannabis industry, from seed to sale. Our unique expertise allows you to manage and navigate the intricate tax and accounting challenges that are synonymous with the cannabis sector.

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Serving major markets throughout the United States and Canada. Our services encompass every aspect of operation and regulation.

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