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Expert Cannabis Tax Support to Lower Your Exposure

Navigating federal tax obligations – like IRC 280E – is a life-or-death proposition for cannabis companies. Not only does IRC 280E create complications and an unfair tax burden, but the IRS has made a habit of auditing cannabis companies and assessing fines of six or seven figures. Expert cannabis tax support can alleviate much of the stress of tax compliance. 

Minimize 280E and other Cannabis Taxes

Our federal cannabis tax compliance and planning services are built on two core goals. The first is to optimize your reporting and entity structure to ensure you’re paying the minimum amount in tax liability. The second is to ensure you have the appropriate documentation to ensure your cannabis business is prepared to defend its tax position in the event of an IRS or state/local audit.

Access Dedicated Cannabis Tax Support

With GreenGrowth CPA’s tax team actively advising your cannabis operation, you’ll enjoy peace-of-mind knowing your tax position is secure and you’re enjoying maximal revenue so you can reinvest in growing your business.

Complete cannabis tax services to help you maintain compliance and plan for future tax liability.
Specialized review of your Cost of Goods Sold and other key business metrics to ensure you’re not in violation of IRS 280E.
Big picture analysis of your cannabis operation to ensure you’re utilizing the flow-through and tax savings potential of entity structure.

Publicly owned operators face a unique set of tax reporting obligations. Our cannabis tax support team can help optimize your tax function to ease accounting for the asset/liability method.

If you’re engaging in an M&A deal, the tax impact could make or break the deal. Our assessment services will help you analyze your options to maximize transaction value.
In the unfortunate event of an IRS audit, our tax experts can make a difference by helping you assemble and verify documentation, serve as the point-of-contact with the IRS, and even serve as experts in a tax court trial.

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