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Grow Smarter

Outsourced CFO

Transform Your Finance Function

In the competitive and fast-moving marketplace, you need to focus on doing what you do best: growing your business. But as your operation gets more complex, you may need outsourced CFO support to make sure you’re performing optimally, you’re not over- or underpaying taxes, and you’ve got the insight to make strategic decisions with confidence.

CFO Services Focused on Growing Businesses

Few growing businesses have the resources to support a fully staffed back office, but the risks of ignoring the numbers include leaving money on the table due to inefficient operations or getting into trouble with regulatory authorities, resulting in an audit or worse.

Track Performance and Exceed Expectations

GreenGrowth CPAs understands you got into your business to make a difference, not to count peanuts. That’s why we’ve got a highly customizable turnkey outsourced CFO and accounting and financial solutions to build an industry leading accounting and finance function.

Our Outsourced CFO services include a one-time “Onboard” to get your systems set up appropriately, or we can provide monthly services where we close the books, provide tax projections, and provide guidance based on KPIs and other metrics.

Our turnkey solution builds out your finance and accounting function, so you get the data and insight you need to improve performance and maintain tax compliance.

Our monthly Outsourced CFO service gives you the technical insight of a full-time CFO at a fraction of the cost. We’ll close the books, provide tax projections, and deliver monthly reports that go beyond the numbers to uncover strengths and opportunities for improvement.

As a growing business, you’re likely juggling major amounts of cash while trying to maintain tax and regulatory compliance. We can review and optimize your processes, so your cash counts and delivery methods are fraud- and error-free.

Inventory Aging and Accounts Receivable are two common issues ripe for improvement for businesses. We’ll take a holistic view of your processes and provide recommendations to reduce overhead, boost sales, and ensure regulatory compliance.

If your financial system hasn’t been set up by professionals, you’re likely missing out on ways to limit tax exposure, access useful data, and more. We’ll build your financial system from the ground up to make sure you’re not missing opportunities to improve performance.

We can help your company implement ASC 606 and account for revenue from contracts in a GAAP compliant manner. We will also evaluate your current rev rec policy and develop a custom strategy to create transaction-level revenue and deferred revenue subledgers.

As you grow, you may need to take on debt or give equity for raising capital. We can help your team with technical memos and making the necessary journal entries. Further, we can help you evaluate the impact of regular and convertible debt as well as bridge loans.

Maintaining accurate and compliant financial records is critical to understanding your business. We can help reduce the time it takes to close your books and reduce errors in the closing process. We will help you architect a consistent process that abides by SEC reporting guidelines and streamlines your ability to report to all stakeholders of your company.

To align the incentives of your key employees with the success of the company, you can pay a percentage of their compensation package in stocks. We can help you address technical issues such as modifications, performance, and market awards. Further, we can give you guidance on the calculation assumptions, the subledger and help with any of the necessary disclosures.

Additional Accounting & Financial Services​