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Grow Stronger

State & Local Tax

Lower Your Tax Burden Everywhere You Do Business

The cannabis industry is largely unique in that every state has a unique cannabis tax regime, and in many cases, individual cities and counties can impose their own tax restrictions. This makes cannabis tax compliance a complicated and dangerous business for the unprepared.

Navigate Complex Tax Obstacles

As an accounting firm dedicated to business, we have deep working experience in every major market. That means we can help optimize your operation’s tax position in every market you operate in.

Expand Your Business Confidently

Whether you’re looking to grow into the next county or an entirely new state, rely on our professional tax expertise to ensure compliance and minimize your tax exposure.

When undergoing a major transaction, hidden tax liabilities can make or break your deal. Our M&A due diligence services go behind the curtain to reveal hidden risks and opportunities.
Depending on where you operate and which verticals you’re in you may be eligible for major tax savings. We can review your operations and uncover missed tax opportunities.

Sales tax regimes vary from market to market, state to state, and even from city to city. We can review your financials and filings to ensure you’re not under- or overpaying on sales taxes.

Businesses must stay in compliance with state tax regulations. We can review and plan to ensure you’re within the law everywhere you do business.

Every market has different cultivation tax requirements. We’ll make sure you aren’t under- or over-paying your cultivation tax bills.
Every market has different excise tax requirements. We’ll review your tax position and filings to ensure you’re in compliance with tax laws in every market.