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Some of the nation’s leading companies are incorporating blockchain technologies into their business processes. Blockchain’s disruptive technology has many practical uses. It can improve supply chain tracking and tracing, accelerate payments, and streamline compliance and auditing. But taking the leap into blockchain’s new way of managing data can cause real apprehension. With good reason.

Companies operating in the blockchain ecosystem rely on our Team for practical guidance. Our experienced team recognizes blockchain’s potential benefits and, more importantly, the security and internal controls that need to be in place.

Rapid change requires rapid response.

No matter how your company has integrated digital assets into its ecosystem, it’s critical to align yourself with accomplished advisors who can guide you through evolving industry disruptions and challenges — from audit and tax complexities to unfolding regulations and high market volatility. You deserve peace of mind that you’re armed with accurate information to make wise decisions while protecting your company from costly errors. We get it – you want to concentrate on innovating and creating, not waste time navigating complicated accounting and tax issues. That’s where we come in.

Our Team’s dedicated Digital Asset team is deeply entrenched in the industry, enabling us to provide premier accounting and advisory services in this space.

With our team’s highly knowledgeable professionals, rest assured that you’re prepared to respond swiftly and effectively to change. We help you be as forward-thinking and careful in financial matters as you are proficient in digital assets and blockchain technology itself.

Working closely with a spectrum of digital currency players – from investment funds, lenders, exchanges, and broker/dealers to mining and staking companies, token issuers and custodians – we have our finger on the pulse of the industry. With dedicated professionals that work solely on digital assets and understand the underlying technology, we speak the same language to perform audits efficiently and utilize your time as effectively as possible.

We understand the unique tax complexities impacting the industry and help you avoid potentially significant penalties for improper reporting while maximizing your tax strategy.

Our Team’s professionals bring extensive experience with a variety of digital assets and distributed ledger technologies, including:

  • Blockchain consensus mechanisms (mining, staking)
  • Web3 infrastructure (layer 1 blockchains, layer 2 rollups, cross-chain bridges, wallets) d
  • Decentralized finance (“DeFi”) applications (“dApps”)
  • Non-funguble tokens (“NFTs”)
  • Stablecoins and proofs of collateral reserves
  • On-chain governance and Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (“DAO”)

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