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Accounting Services

When you look around the cannabis industry, it is obvious that cash is king. The bigger your war chest, the better your chances of coming out with some profit at the end. With high up-front capital investments that will hopefully pay off later, cash management and stabilizing cash flow in accounting is a constant balancing act for cannabis business operators. Further, being a natural product and a crop that grows indoor and outdoor, it can sometimes feel like feast and famine or drought and surplus of product and cash!

So ironing out these waves are also important. We offer full scale CPA accounting services that include: tax filings and tax preparation for C-Corporate Return – 1120, S-Corp 1120S, Partnership 1065- Multi Member LLC, and Single Member LLCs (Individual 1400), and quarterly payroll taxes and estimates. We also offer bookkeeping to ensure that your books reflect the accuracy of the transactions in your business. Not having organized books that reflect your company can put you at risk of an external audit from the IRS.

Accounting Process for Processing Businesses

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