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Cannabis 280E Best Practices

An educated approach to 280E can save you money, reduce tax complications, and protect you in the event of an audit.

Reduce Tax Exposure and Risk of IRS Audits

Internal Revenue Code (IRC) 280E is one of the biggest obstacles plant-touching cannabis operators must overcome. A mismanaged 280E approach can raise your tax exposure 50-80% and put you at serious risk of an IRS audit. An educated approach to allocating Cost of Goods Sold (COGS) and entity structure can save you money, reduce tax complications, and protect you in the event of an IRS or state/local audit. 

Latest 280E Guidance


2022 Tax Planning for Cannabis Businesses

When Colorado legalized cannabis back in 2012, many people thought federal legalization was right around the corner. Unfortunately, in 2022, cannabis companies still face unfair

advantages of quarterly tax reviews

Advantages of Quarterly Tax Reviews

As we approach the last tax extension deadlines of the year many cannabis operators are scrambling to get their information and documents in order. While

How GreenGrowth CPAs Can Help Support 280E Planning

Our goal at GreenGrowth CPAs is to help individuals and companies in the cannabis industry identify and apply tax and business strategies to increase their cash flow while making sure they are in full compliance with all applicable states’ rules and regulations. Our deep experience in the cannabis industry has helped us engineer an optimal approach to 280E that can help you save money. Schedule a consultation with us to see how we can upgrade your 280E and tax compliance approach.

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