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Expert Tax Preparation: Key to Financial Accuracy


In an era where financial accuracy is paramount, the importance of choosing the right tax preparation service cannot be overstated. Recent recommendations from the Taxpayer Advocate Service (TAS) in their 2023 Annual Report to Congress, highlight a significant issue in the tax preparation industry: the lack of standardization and competency among many tax preparers. 

In this context, GreenGrowth CPAs stands out for its commitment to expert tax preparation. Our focus on accuracy, professionalism, and client satisfaction aligns with the highest industry standards, ensuring that our clients receive not only compliant but strategically optimized tax services.

The Current State of Tax Preparation

The IRS processes over 160 million individual income tax returns annually, with the majority prepared by paid tax return preparers. Despite this, a surprising number of these preparers are not credentialed, leading to a concerning trend of inaccuracies in tax returns. This not only risks taxpayers overpaying or underpaying their taxes but also increases the likelihood of penalties and interest charges.

In FY 2022, an estimated 32% of improper payments, amounting to $18.2 billion, were attributed to erroneous Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) claims, predominantly filed by non-credentialed preparers.

The Need for Credentialed Professionals in Tax Preparation

Unlike other professions such as law, medicine, and finance, where practitioners are required to meet rigorous licensing and competency standards, the tax preparation field is startlingly unregulated. This lack of standardization results in a disparity in the quality of tax services provided to consumers. Recognizing this gap, TAS has urged Congress to authorize the IRS to set minimum competency standards for tax preparers and revoke the credentials of those engaged in improper conduct.

GreenGrowth CPAs: A Step Above the Rest

At GreenGrowth CPAs, we understand the critical importance of accuracy and professionalism in tax preparation. Every tax return processed in our office is meticulously overseen, managed, and reviewed by a qualified Enrolled Agent or Certified Public Accountant (CPA). This not only aligns with the TAS’s recommendations for increased competency in tax preparation but also provides our clients with the peace of mind that their financial affairs are handled by experts.

Our Unique Approach to Tax Preparation

What sets GreenGrowth CPAs apart is our unique team-based approach to tax preparation. When you choose us, we asign a dedicated tax preparation team rather than a single individual. This ensures a diverse range of expertise and perspectives are applied to your tax situation. Additionally, our double review process guarantees that every return is scrutinized for accuracy and compliance, significantly reducing the likelihood of errors and the subsequent financial repercussions.

Comprehensive Tax and Business Strategy Services

At GreenGrowth CPAs, our diverse range of services extends beyond federal tax compliance to include comprehensive strategies and detailed analysis, ensuring our clients experience enhanced cash flow while remaining fully compliant with all tax rules and regulations.

Tax and Business Strategies:

  • SALT (State and Local Taxes) M&A Due Diligence: Thorough examination of state and local tax implications in mergers and acquisitions.
  • Consolidated Income Tax Reporting Analysis: Expert analysis to optimize consolidated tax reporting.
  • SALT Incentives and Exemptions: Identifying and applying for relevant state and local tax incentives and exemptions.
  • Sales Tax Compliance Review: Comprehensive review to ensure sales tax compliance.
  • Taxability Studies: Detailed studies to determine the taxability of various transactions.
  • Property Tax Review: Assessment and review of property tax obligations.
  • Secretary of State Filing Compliance: Ensuring compliance with all Secretary of State filing requirements.
  • Cultivation Tax Compliance: Specialized compliance services for clients in the cultivation sector.
  • Excise Tax Compliance and Insight: Providing insights and compliance strategies for excise taxes.

Audit and Controversy Services:

  • Federal, State, and Local Tax Audit: Representation and support during tax audits at all government levels.
  • Sales and Use and Payroll Tax Audit: Specialized audits for sales, use, and payroll taxes.
  • Pre-Controversy Audit Readiness: Preparing clients for potential audits to minimize impact.
  • IRS Controversy Representation: Representing clients in disputes with the IRS.
  • Tax Authority Settlement Negotiation: Negotiating settlements with various tax authorities.
  • Interest Computation and Review: Accurate computation and review of interest related to tax issues.
  • Expert Witness Testimony: Providing expert witness testimony in tax-related legal matters.

Value-Added Tax Services:

  • Tax Preparation, Filing, and Returns: Professional preparation and filing of tax returns.
  • Annual Income Tax Planning: Strategic planning to optimize annual income taxes.
  • Financial Planning: Comprehensive financial planning services.
  • Tax-Free Exchanges: Advising on and facilitating tax-free exchanges.

Each of these services meets the unique needs of our clients, ensuring not only compliance but also the optimization of their financial and business strategy. 


In a landscape where the quality and accuracy of tax preparation can have significant financial implications, choosing the right tax preparer is crucial. GreenGrowth CPAs stands out as a leader in providing high-quality, reliable tax services. Our team of credentialed professionals, coupled with our thorough review processes, ensures that your tax returns are not only compliant but optimized for your financial benefit. 

Choose GreenGrowth CPAs for a tax preparation experience that is professional, accurate, and tailored to your unique financial needs. Contact our tax team today for a free consultation.

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