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GreenGrowth CPAs Welcomes Avril Etcheverry as People Operations Director


GreenGrowth CPAs is thrilled to announce Avril Etcheverry as its new Director of People Operations. With a career spanning over two decades in human resources, Avril brings a wealth of knowledge and experience that will lead the company towards further growth and success.

Avril Etcheverry: Steering GreenGrowth Towards Broader Horizons

Avril joins GreenGrowth CPAs with an impressive track record in human resources management and a deep passion for organizational development. Her academic and professional qualifications include a bachelor’s degree in Psychology, two master’s degrees in Human Resources, and a certification from the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM).

Avril has enhanced her skills at several prestigious companies, leading the Human Resources departments. She has successfully empowered teams throughout the United States, Mexico, Argentina, Chile, Colombia, and Brazil. Her appointment arrives at a crucial time for GreenGrowth, which is currently undergoing rapid expansion and aims to strengthen its market position.

“What motivated me to join GreenGrowth is its diverse and dynamic team. This job makes me feel happy, challenged and fulfilled personally and professionally.”, says Avril.

A Global Team for a Global Challenge

GreenGrowth CPAs boasts a multicultural growing team of skilled professionals across three international offices. Our company is built on core values that emphasize ownership, clear communication, precise technical skills, and effective teamwork.

Avril’s extensive international experience has equipped her to empower teams across diverse cultural backgrounds. “I especially value the cultural diversity and dynamism of the GreenGrowth CPAs team, as well as the opportunity to contribute to the standardization of processes and the establishment of a solid organizational culture,” expresses Avril.

Looking Forward: The Future of GreenGrowth CPAs

As GreenGrowth CPAs continues to expand, the addition of Avril Etcheverry marks an important milestone. With a client base that keeps growing, we remain committed to delivering top-quality financial solutions. Avril’s strategic approach will ensure our team is well-prepared to meet the challenges of the industry. 

“My goal is to set a cultural framework as a guide for the team. I aim to standardize processes to facilitate a smooth growth, supporting the company’s expansion. I see our team as professionals who can quickly adapt to changes, a crucial superpower for ongoing success in a global setting.”, explains Avril.

“I firmly believe in continuous learning and cultural diversity as key strengths of our organization, making us unstoppable.”, she closes.

With Avril leading our people operations, we are ready to embrace the future with confidence and enthusiasm.  

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