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Minnesota Legalizes Adult-Use Cannabis: Impact & Regulations


After “accidentally” legalizing THC edibles and infused drinks during the 2022 legislative session, the 2023 Minnesota state legislature capped off a multi-year campaign to fully legalize recreational marijuana on Sunday, May 21st.  Fully legalizing recreational cannabis is expected to make Minnesota one of the fastest growing markets in the United States growing from $40 million in medical cannabis sales in 2021 to a projected sales $1.5 billion in 2025.

Set to take effect on August 1st, 2023, under the new legislation adults over twenty-one years of age will be allowed to possess or transport up to 2 ounces of cannabis flower, 8 grams of concentrate, and 800 milligrams of edible product. Adults will also be allowed to possess up to two pounds of cannabis flower in a private residence and grow up to eight cannabis plants without needing a license.

Business Licensing

HF 100/SF73 establishes a seed-to-sale framework comprising sixteen licenses, ranging from growing to manufacturing and different retail locations managed through the newly established Minnesota Office of Cannabis Management.

In addition to licensing costs, Cities may impose an initial retail registration fee of $500 and a renewal registration fee of $1,000, or up to half the applicable initial license fee for each business, whichever is less.

Recreational Licenses

License TypeApplication FeeInitial License FeeRenewal Fee
Cannabis Microbusiness$500$2,000
Cannabis Mezzobusiness$5,000$5,000$10,000
Cannabis Cultivator$10,000$20,000$30,000
Cannabis Manufacturer$10,000$10,000$20,000
Cannabis Retailer$2,500$2,500$5,000
Cannabis Wholesaler$5,000$5,000$10,000
Cannabis Transporter$250$500$1,000
Cannabis Testing Facility$10,000$10,000$20,000
Cannabis Event Organizer$750$750
Cannabis Delivery Service$250$500$1,000

Medical Licenses

License TypeApplication FeeInitial License FeeRenewal Fee
Medical Cannabis Cultivator$250
Medical Cannabis Processor$250
Medical Cannabis Retailer$250
Medical Cannabis Combination Business$10,000$20,000$70,000

Hemp Licenses

License TypeApplication FeeInitial License FeeRenewal Fee
Lower-Potency Hemp Edible Manufacturer$250$1,000$1,000
Lower-Potency Hemp Edible Retailer$250/Location$250/Location$250/Location

Limits on the number of cannabis retailers

Legislation requires that local governments cannot limit the number of licensed cannabis retailers to fewer than one registration for every 12,500 residents. The exception is that if a county already has more than an active registered retailer for every 12,500 residents, a city or town within the county is not obligated to register further cannabis retailers.

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