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Whether you’re looking to buy, sell, raise capital, or engage in any other major business event, cannabis event readiness services ensure your business, or the target business, is operating at its absolute best. This way you can guarantee a maximal multiple or desirable terms to fuel long-term growth.

Go Big to Secure a Strong Exit

GreenGrowth CPA’s team of cannabis accounting and financial experts can provide highly specialized financial expertise and strict adherence to regulatory requirements to help secure a successful outcome.

Build the Future of Cannabis

Our team provides offers scalable finance and accounting solutions to support events like a go-public event, M&A transactions, a restructuring or carve-out, an audit or due diligence review.

If you’re planning to go public, expand overseas, or engage in an M&A deal, your accounting systems may need an upgrade. Our team can help you attain GAAP, IFRS, SEC, CPAB or other accounting standards.

Before any M&A deal, and even many capital raises, you’ll need to engage a due diligence team to make all parties are represented truthfully. We provide a comprehensive due diligence approach that validates key business aspects, including cash on hand, requisite licenses, records of taxes paid, and capitalized assets.
In the event of an audit, you’ll need comprehensive documentation of all business activities to defend your position. Our team will identify financial statement gaps, create month end schedules, and document any technical accounting transactions and memos.
A pro forma is a set of financial documents that demonstrates how investment funds will be used and impact a company’s financial position. Our approach will provide you with pro formas with all the key elements, income statement, balance sheet, etc., so you can show investors your company’s true potential.
Before you engage in an M&A deal, we’ll ensure your business and financial documents are in optimal shape. Our approach can help with the preparation of filing documents, such as Form S-1, implementation of accounting standards, prepare annual or interim financial statements, provide income tax provision preparation note disclosures, and much more.
One key piece of documentation in an M&A deal is the quality of earnings report. This provides a detailed analysis of your company’s revenue and expenses. Our approach will validate the sustainability and accuracy of historical earnings as well as support future projections.

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