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Happy Cannabis Farms
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CNC to Cannabis: The Happy Cannabis Farms Journey

In today’s budding cannabis industry, there are plenty of entrepreneurs with a green thumb but only a handful who have truly mastered the art of cannabis cultivation. Among those few is Andrew Orange, founder of Happy Cannabis Farms. Andrew’s journey from a CNC machinist to a cannabis entrepreneur is not just a success story but a testament to the power of passion, resilience, and the miraculous healing properties of cannabis.

As financial and accounting professionals, we have had the privilege of witnessing Andrew’s transformation and growth, and now we want to share his inspiring journey with you.

Cogs deductions

Maximize COGS Deductions & Slash Taxes

Many cannabis-related businesses would like to take deductions for the costs related to their business activities. However, the tax code, Internal Revenue Code (“IRC”), has

cannabis tax audit

How to Avoid an IRS Cannabis Tax Audit

Table of Contents The cannabis industry, although flourishing, faces unique challenges when it comes to tax compliance and financial management. With the Internal Revenue Service

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