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Cannabis Equity & Liability Instruments

We offer equity and liability instruments as well, which applies to any contract that evidences a residual interest in the assets of an entity after deducting all of its liabilities. GreenGrowth CPAs does a phenomenal job of identifying assets that people often miss in their reporting. For example, cannabis plants would be considered a biological asset because they are living plants.
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What are Equity & Liability Instruments?

As you grow and expand your cannabis company, you may need to take on debt or give equity for raising capital. We can help your team with technical memos and make the necessary journal entries. Further, we can help you evaluate the impact on your business of regular and convertible debt as well as bridge loans. 

We also advise businesses on how to distribute convertible and redeemable preferred stock and understand the impact of warrants, call and put options and other complex instruments. There are a couple of different ways to go about valuing a company or group of assets. Three main ones you see are the discounted cash flow method or DCF, guideline, and public company method, properly known as GPC. 

The last one is a guideline transaction method, which is really based on mergers and acquisitions, as far as the guideline public company method goes. A good way to kind of think about it is that it’s very similar to comparable sales in real estate, right? So let’s say you’re looking to sell a property. You can see what the offering prices are in your neighborhood. If a house on the market that’s very similar to yours is being offered at a bottom million, then you can use that as an indication of a value for your house.

The guideline transaction method is very similar to this method. In a sense. The only difference is that you’re actually looking at sales that have occurred, right? You will look at houses in your market that sold, and so let’s say that house sold for 2 million. You use that as an indication of value. A similar thing happens with any industry including the cannabis industry. Cannabis businesses are bought and sold every day, and then you really kind of use the values that those businesses are being bought and sold for is an indication of the value of the company you are looking to invest in.

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