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Accurate, Tailored Cannabis Audits to Meet Your Needs

Audit, review and due diligence engagements are the first step in building a long-term relationship built on insight and trust with your cannabis operation.

Audits Where Your Needs Come First

We are dedicated to proactive communication and understand it is a two-way street. We listen and respond to feedback to optimize our personalized service approach.

Benefit from Cannabis Industry Expertise

We also continuously provide our perspective to help you navigate marketplace trends, establish goals and measure performance, and help you grow your cannabis business.

Thorough and independent review of financial statements to verify your cannabis business’ performance, deliver market confidence, and provide valuable insight on performance.
Comprehensive public cannabis audit services optimized to meet US and Canadian reporting and regulatory obligations and deliver investor confidence.
Strategic and focused statutory audit services for companies with international operations.
From basic reviews and summaries of financial statements to more in-depth examinations, these services are delivered with the same skill and insight as the more detailed audit approach.
Qualified financial forecasts and projections essential to every step of the cannabis business lifecycle, including licensing, capital raises, M&A deals, and more.
Check under the hood before any major transaction with detailed procedures that review and qualify financial statements, tangible assets, IP, and more.

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