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Practical Cannabis Tax Guidance to Lower Exposure and Ease Tax Compliance

Cannabis operators navigate one of the most complicated and punishing tax regimes imaginable. To minimize tax burden, and avoid red flags that lead to audits, cannabis operations must be precise and proactive with tax planning and compliance.

Benefit from Cannabis Tax Expertise

Our team of cannabis tax experts has been serving the industry for years and knows the ins-and-outs of lowering tax burdens so you can maximize profits. We will work with you to optimize entity type and structure, allocate cost-of-goods sold to minimize the impact of 280E, and document everything so you’re protected in the event of an audit.

Best Cannabis Tax Support

Our national footprint ensures we have the expertise and insight to support tax strategies in every state and municipality so you can grow with peace-of-mind.

How GreenGrowth CPAs Makes a Difference:

  • Industry leading strategies to minimize the impact of 280E
  • Tax planning insight to help you avoid surprises
  • Guidance for optimal entity structures
  • All tax services tailored to the cannabis industry
  • Engagement teams are cannabis industry experts
  • Experience in every major cannabis market

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