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Move Quickly, Mitigate Risk, and Seize Opportunity

More money equals more problems (and more opportunities). As your cannabis business grows, you’ll face new complications that will shape the future of your enterprise. Experienced advisors can help you build a top-notch enterprise structured to achieve your strategic goals.

Expert Cannabis Advisory Support

Whether managing regulatory compliance, optimizing a major M&A deal, or building a better, stronger cannabis business, GreenGrowth CPAs has the expertise to help take your business to the next level.

Build a Stronger Cannabis Business

Our holistic approach to advisory solutions supports end-to-end optimization so no opportunities are missed, and risks are abated as your enterprise attains its full potential.

How GreenGrowth CPAsMakes a Difference:

  • All services tailored to the cannabis industry
  • Engagement teams are cannabis industry experts
  • Experience in every major cannabis market
  • Only cannabis CPA firm registered in US and Canada
  • Licensed and registered with:
    • AICPA
    • PCAOB
    • CPAB

Cannabis Advisory Services