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Integrate and Strengthen Cannabis Regulatory Compliance Processes and Controls

As a heavily regulated industry, cannabis presents a great many risks, and opportunities to gain competitive advantage for enterprises who actively work to simply and optimize their processes and controls.

Protect Your Cannabis Operation

GreenGrowth CPAs takes a holistic approach to helping you get full value from governance, risk management, and compliance operations. By building company-wide coordination of internal audit, controls, compliance, and reporting activities you gain a multi-tiered structure that will safeguard enterprise value and limit regulatory risk while you pursue long-term growth.

Combine Cannabis Controls and Regulatory Compliance

Our governance, risk advisory and cannabis regulatory compliance services are founded in technical expertise that allows us to identify opportunities for risk and provide decisive, actionable solutions.

By improving the effectiveness of controls, risk management, and governance practices, you can achieve superior performance and financial resilience. Our out-sourced, co-sourced, and consultation-based services are engineered to improve the quality and effectiveness of your internal audit function.
Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) Section 404 and the 2013 COSO framework require public companies to implement and maintain controls and processes that protect enterprise and investor value. Our proven, cost-efficient approach connects the dots between SOX 404 requirements and a achieving your cannabis company’s unique strategic goals
Optimally designed and executed processes, aligned with strong internal controls, are essential to shareholder, public, and regulatory confidence. We provide readiness assessments, sustainability assessments, and documentation and testing services that deliver effective design, implementation, and compliance.