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Build a Stronger and More Agile Cannabis Enterprise

The thin margins in the cannabis industry make it essential to seek value and optimize performance everywhere there is an opportunity. Even minor operational or structural changes can have wide-reaching effect. That is why we help cannabis organizations pursue excellence across essential business functions, including operational assessments, finance and accounting improvements, and technological implementation.

Gain an Advantage in the Cannabis Space

GreenGrowth CPAs is a leader in providing management consulting services. Our suite of management consulting services is rooted in a multi-disciplinary understanding of an organization. We collaborate closely with your people, processes, and technology to overcome challenges and implement solutions that help your cannabis business grow.

Optimize Cannabis Business Performance

Our team of cannabis industry experts can help you make your organization faster, smarter, and more agile than the competition.

Could your cannabis company be working faster or more efficiently? Is one area slowing the entire enterprise down? Our approach provides deep analysis to produce actionable insights that help an organization reduce costs and unleash growth potential.
Supply chain logistics represent one of the greatest areas of potential risk and inefficiency for the cannabis industry. We provide detailed reviews and guidance for all supply chain activities — from acquiring raw materials, production activities, to distribution.
Under-performing or declining revenue may present an opportunity to reassess and updated critical strategic priorities. We can help you assess financial performance, uncover new revenue streams, and provide actionable solutions to strengthen revenue cycles.
We provide strategic consulting services focused on analysis of organizational performance, strategic planning, performance measurement, resource alignment, reporting and evaluation, and process improvement.
The competitive nature of the cannabis industry means enterprises must be agile and prepared. We provide value-added support for cross-functional change that optimizes financial, operational, and strategic performance
The operational and financial complexities of the cannabis industry have led many organizations to pivot or restructure. We provide complete solutions, including strategic assessments, capital raises, and building new operational structures, to guide the future of your company.