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Maximize Value and Mitigate Risk in Cannabis M&A and Capital Raises

The accelerated pace of deal-making and increasing competition, means buyers, sellers, and investors must work hard to find and secure value, while mitigating the ever-present risks of the evolving cannabis industry. Experienced cannabis M&A support can make the difference between a successful or a disastrous transaction.

Delivering Value to Cannabis Businesses

GreenGrowth CPAs is a leader in providing value-added services to cannabis companies ready to make a move. Our custom approach helps sellers maximize enterprise value and secure positive multiples, and guides buyers as they manage risk and assess intangibles to maximize ROI. Our post-transaction services focus on limiting tax exposure and optimizing performance, from integration to exit.

Optimize Value in Cannabis M&A Deals 

Our team’s transaction advisory services combine assurance, tax and deep market insight with industry experience that can help your cannabis company attain strategic goals.

Every major cannabis M&A begins with a fair-market valuation. Whether you’re looking to buy or sell, our comprehensive approach will review financials and operational performance to validate a fair price for all involved parties.

The complexities of accounting and reporting in the cannabis industry make financial and tax due diligence essential to identifying real value and avoiding major risk areas. Our approach will dig deep to go beyond the numbers and identify hidden risks and/or opportunities.

The value of licenses, brick-and-mortar locations, IP and other assets needs proper third-party assessment and validation before any cannabis M&A deal. Our approach puts boots-on-the-ground to confirm an enterprises’ real value.

Standard Operating Procedures and strong internal controls are major value drivers in a cannabis M&A deal. Our approach can assess the strength of processes and controls and provide a fair value, or recommendations on how to improve.

Closing an M&A deal is only half of the transaction. Much more work comes when it is time to combine operations. We can help develop a transition roadmap that protects value while easing growing pains of combining people, processes, and technology.
The final step of an M&A deal is to finally combine the entities. Our approach will put your transition plan into action as we manage the risks and maximize the opportunities of your new cannabis business.
Structural concerns, like technology, employee benefits, and company culture, can cause unexpected issues if strategic care isn’t taken when combining entities. We can help identify efficiencies and avoid risks to build a stronger cannabis business.