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IRS Contact with Taxpayers


The IRS contacts taxpayers to inform them about tax laws and ensure fair enforcement. Knowing the factors involved in the IRS contact with taxpayers is crucial. The IRS provides several payment options for taxpayers to avoid late filing and interest penalties, such as a payment plan or installment agreement. Responding quickly to letters from the IRS regarding taxes is essential to avoid accumulating interest and penalties.

Understanding IRS Contact with Taxpayers

The IRS contacts taxpayers through regular mail, but in some cases, an employee may visit a taxpayer’s home or business. These employees include revenue officers, revenue agents, and IRS Criminal Investigation special agents. Revenue officers resolve compliance issues and inform taxpayers of their obligations. Revenue agents conduct in-person field audits. IRS-CI special agents investigate criminal violations and may visit unannounced, but they will not ask for payment.

Tax Payment Options

Taxpayers have various options to pay their taxes, such as a payment plan or installment agreement, to avoid late filing and interest penalties. They can submit their tax return and use one of these options to pay what they owe by the deadline, which is typically April 18.

Reporting Tax Scams

During the IRS contact, taxpayers must be cautious of potential scams and impersonation schemes. There are various options to report phone, email, and other impersonation scams. Taxpayers can report impersonation scams to the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration on the IRS Impersonation Scam Reporting. They can also report phone scams to the Federal Trade Commission at Report Fraud FTC or report unsolicited emails to the IRS at

Understanding the IRS’s role and how it interacts with taxpayers is crucial. By knowing the options available for paying taxes and reporting scams, taxpayers can avoid late filing and interest penalties and ensure that they are dealing with legitimate IRS representatives. More information on identifying legitimate IRS representatives and how to report scams can be found at

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